Hatha & Restorative

'The greatest change happens at the edge of our comfort zone,

when we are supported'

Yoga is a holistic and truly transformative practice, intended to connect us to our true nature, whilst providing space for mental, physical and emotional balance.


The practice encompasses Asana (postures) pranayama (breath) meditation and mantra (chanting). Typically a Hatha practice will involve longer holds in standing postures, strengthening your will and deepening your understanding of self. Whatever you are seeking, you will find the answers within as the practice reconnects us to our inner guidance system, your intuition.


Restorative Yoga practice which nurtures the feminine, the creative and receiving parts of our being. This practice gives permission to enter deep relaxation, to regulate and calm every aspect of our lives and to explore vital breath. Most postures are done so on the floor and are held anywhere from 2 - 6 minutes, to allow the surrender of the joints, ligaments, muscles, fascia and the mind. It is a deeply guided practice, suitable for all levels. 


Your comfort and safety is of utmost importance so please bring your own yoga mat and shawl. Pillows and bolsters will be provided however you are welcome to bring your own.

The physical body is just one big mass of energy. As we move, stretch, open and challenge the body we begin to peel back the layers, releasing what does not serve our expansion.

Go internal and witness your magic, unveiled through the practice.

Weekly Group Classes 









$15 per class

 $70 5 class pass

$120 10 class pass

Cash and card payment available, please arrive 5 minutes before class

What to bring to a Class

Yoga mat

2 cushions

A bolster (if you have one)

A shawl or blanket for the cooler months

A Smile :)

Semi/Private Sessions - 90 minutes (up to 6 people)

Practice in the comfort of your own home. Perfect for couples who would like to practice together but don't always get the opportunity outside of work and family life commitments.


Workplace Yoga - 90 minutes (up to 15 people) 

We come to you!! Learn how to correct postural imbalances that can arise from spending extended time in a seated position and what stretches you can incorporate into your day to prevent RSI, neck and lower back pain. Corporate packages are available to suit the needs of businesses. 


Please make contact to discuss how we can best support your workplace. ​


'Lorin oozes joy. Her smile is contagious and the beautiful style in which she teaches yoga takes your life and daily life practice to incredible new levels, making it a great experience.


Lorin helps you find your true self. She is encouraging, understanding and extremely clear with her guidance.


Each class takes you on a different journey, each week makes you want to come back for more, each year makes you realise how important it is to make the time to have Lorin/yoga  in your life’s routine, Its non negotiable really !


Teaching from the heart with strong integrity comes naturally to Lorin, having  the ability 

and knowledge to help you understand your mind and body better, is a true gift Lorin gives us all.


Take the time to do this for yourself with Lorin’s guidance and you will treasure this forever.

Lorin I truly thank you for being a brilliant teacher'.


* Rosie  

I have been to many of Lorin’s yoga classes and I have loved every single one of them. I always leave feeling much calmer and more connected, and learn in every class. She has a gift and a beautiful energy. She is a connected, conscious and compassionate soul - you are in safe hands with her. Highly recommend 💗


Beautiful and caring practitioner whose very presence and voice is healing. Cannot recommend highly enough !!


Wednesday Evenings @ Queen Street Community Hall, Yeppoon
5:30-6:30pm - Mat Pilates
6:45-8:00pm Hatha/Restorative Yoga combo

*It is my intention to accomodate all levels. If you have concerns of your ability or have recent/multiple injuries,
please contact me for a chat before attending a class