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29 April - 2 May.
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Womens Wisdom Retreat Nov 25-28

 Find your bliss in every moment

Every breath we take, every step we make,

can be filled with peace, joy, and serenity.

We need only to be awake, alive and in the

present moment.”- Thich Nhat Hanh


Are you feeling exhausted and uninspired by day to day life?  


Women, it's time to come home!


Hanai Womens Wisdom retreat is for all women who are ready to re-embrace the power of self connection and their own healing hands. 


Join us in Kin Kin, Noosa Hinterland for 3 nights and 4 days where we will create ritual out of routine to transform the mundane into magical moments, nourishing the body, mind, heart and soul. 

This 3 night, 4 day retreat is the perfect sustenance every woman deserves. In fact, it is essential, to dive deeper into the feminine space, to connect with the 'wisdom of the womb' and reclaim your power. 

The essence of this retreat is to honour all aspects of the feminine. Through workshops, ritual, self-care massage, yoga practice, meditation, connection and time on sacred land, you will most definitely feel as though you have 'come home'.

This retreat offers many 'take home' tools and you will find yourself having many 'aha' moments that in essence support new ways to practice self care, as a woman. Enjoy the flow to and from yoga practice, moving meditations, intention setting, releasing, creating, grounding, healing, breathing, nature play, connecting and most importantly....just being YOU.


It is through self-care and connection that we fill up our cup....when our own cup is filled, we are better able to be unconditionally of service to others. In honouring the feminine, we have allocated adequate time for rest, sauna, swimming in the magnesium pool and sun soaking.

 * Enjoy daily yoga and meditation practice

*Create your own unique Australian Bush Flower blend to support your wellbeing

* Learn ancient traditional healing techniques to support every age and phase of womanhood

* Experience how rituals make routines sexy

* Immerse in womb steam wisdom

* Connect with other women in nature   

Trust us, its going to be delicious:)


What is Included

  • 3 Nights accomodation, humble share accommodation at High Spirits Retreat

  • A 60 Minute Ka Huna full body temple massage 

  • Healthy vegetarian wholefood meals (these will be light meals to allow rest of the digestive system)

  • Daily yoga & meditation practice 

  • 3 Wellbeing workshops (Australian Bush Flowers & Womens health)

  • Personalised Australian Bush Flower Remedy, created in a workshop (additional1:1 consults avail) 

  • Daily time to relax, swim, meditate, journal, connect

  • Daily Sauna

  • Magnesium pool

  • Yoga mats and insect repellent are provided (feel free to bring your own if you wish)

  • Nourishing Goodie Bag

  • A whole lot of laughter

Optional Extras 

Additional Kahuna Massage 60 minutes $120 90 minutes $155

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Hosted by Lorin Thorp and Jacque Smith

Thu 25th 12:00am - Sun 28th November 202112:00am

High Spirits Retreat 297 Sister Tree Creek Rd Kin Kin, Sunshine Coast

$1297 Early Bird (deposit paid by 1st Oct), $1447 (when booked after 1st October) $200 deposit will secure your place on retreat, with full payment required by 25th November.

 To Book, please email hello@hanaiwellness.com.au

Let us know your name and phone number and we  will be in contact