Posture and Strength

“Pilates is complete coordination of

  body, mind and spirit.”

   - Joseph Pilates

Pilates is a series of exercises coordinated with the breath, designed to improve functional strength and movement and peripheral awareness. Development of deep core activation, flexibility and body awareness will ultimately improve posture, reducing the risk of injury and deterioration of the spine and major joints such as hips, knees and shoulders. Pilates is for everyone, especially for those who do a lot of sitting, driving, heavy lifting, pre/post natal women and for rehabilitation of injury.


Semi/Private Sessions - 90 Minutes (up to 6 people)

This is a perfect option to practice in the comfort of your own home, suited to couples who would like to practice together but don't always get the opportunity outside of work and family life commitments.


Corporate - 90 Minutes (up to 10 people) 

We come to you!! Learn how to correct postural imbalances that can arise from spending extended time in a seated position and what stretches you can incorporate into your day to prevent RSI, neck and lower back pain. 


Please contact us to discuss how we can best support your workplace. ​


'I just attended one of Lorin’s Pilates workshops. I was blown away by her professionalism and how she lead the group. She was able to connect with every participant and provide slight corrections in technique as she also lead the larger group through the exercises. Her words to describe the exercises created great imagery for me and her pace ensured that I stayed connected and challenged throughout the entire class. I also love how Lorin’s instructions allow me to connect to my body and raise my awareness of my strengths, abilities and areas for further development. So I definitely recommend attending one (or all) of her classes. I am excited to get back there!'


* Renae, Gold Coast