Detox your pantry

The whole foods pantry reset, in your own home!

Processed foods, preservatives, sneaky sugars, numbers and ingredients so foreign they are a challenge to even pronounce, are one of the leading causes of preventable 'dis-ease'!


Mental Health, weight, cholesterol, fatty liver, diabetes, lowered immunity, hormonal imbalances and gut issues, are just a few. 

The benefits:

  • Add diversity and excitement to your diet

  • Re-connect with the importance of whole foods and the 'intuition' diet

  • Decrease 'hidden' sugar consumption 

  • Increase your energy and vitality, through improving your nutritional status

  • Reduce wastage 

  • Save money and TIME


There is so much truth in the saying 'you are what you eat'. The problem is, the food industry doesn't make it easy for us to always make the best decisions when it comes to what we eat. 


Our advice - KEEP IT SIMPLE !!!!


In just 1.5 hours, learn which items can stay, which are best to let go, what you can replace them with and WHY! - We come to you! 

**Skype appointments available upon request.


Pricing from $75

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