The Mongan Method

"When you change the way you view    birth, the way you birth changes"

- Marie F. Mongan, Founder of HypnoBirthing



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'The best decision....... is an informed decision'

Pregnancy and birth is an exciting time. There are a lot of stories, myths and information, so naturally, it can be overwhelming. The Mongan method Hypnobirthing course is a Five week program, giving you the time you need to understand and integrate the content in preparation for your birthing day. Our Hypnobirthing classes ensure that you, your birthing companion and your baby have the best start to life as we understand that the experience of birth can have lasting impacts, on both parents and baby.

Course commencement is highly recommended anywhere between 20 and 30 weeks of pregnancy. 


You and your birthing companion will learn and be confident in


  • Relaxation and 'self-hypnosis'

  • Identify all stages of labour

  • Support techniques for birthing companions

  • Visualisation techniques

  • Positions for labour and birth 

  • Pre and perinatal bonding

  • How to advocate for your birth choices 

  • Creating a fundamental birth plan

  • Awareness and preparing for Medical intervention in special circumstances

  • Acupressure & rebozo techniques

  • Knowing your body and the birth process

  • 4th trimester and breastfeeding

 Each Course Includes 

  • x5 2.5 hr sessions

  • Hypnobirthing book and CD

  • Guidance on a comprehensive birth plan

  • 82 Educational Handouts in a bound book