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I am Jacque. Retreat facilitator. Mentor. Teacher. Mama Medicina Practitioner. Hawaiian Temple Bodyworker.

I have been deeply honoured to facilitate transformational KaHuna bodywork training courses and womens retreats since 2016 after stepping out of the classroom and into adult personal development.


One of my biggest passions is supporting women to return to sacred, to shed old layers of conditioning, to connect to and feel the magic that is within, I provide education and tools for women to take the power of love and healing into their own hands. To return to nature and find extraordinary in the ordinary. The medicine I share with clients on my massage table and with women in womb wisdom workshops and on transformational retreats is that which supports me as a woman, every day.

From movement practices, breathwork and mindfulness, to being real with emotions and speaking undiluted truths about women's health and how to honour the power we hold within our womb space.

On retreat with me, you will be invited to return home, to meet yourself- exciting and scary I know! Together we breathe. We laugh. We cry. We come to a place of love and acceptance. We connect deeply to nature. We listen to the messages the body has been yearning to share.

I invite you to listen to the wispers and look forward to meeting you and sharing with you on your journey of personal discovery as you return home to the woman you were born to be.

Jacque Smith


Lorin Thorp


My journey into the deeper discoveries of the body began in 2005, studying functional movement and the Pilates method.


My curiosity grew and in 2009 I began a Bachelors of Health Science, graduating as a Naturopath in 2016. Along this journey I took several trips to India and across the globe to expand my cultural awareness and complete Yoga teacher training.


After completing my bachelors, my love of learning continued, returning to where it all begins, in the womb.


I proudly supports women and their birthing companions through a childbirth education program called hypnobirthing. I wholeheartedly believes that all birthing women deserve to welcome their baby into the world calmly, informed and empowered. 


      Since discovering the magic and flow of       

Ka Huna Temple Massage, Lorin has returned to Mette’s Institute of Personal Development to complete higher levels of the bodywork and a deeper understanding of what it means to lead and support from the soul.

So passionate about this work, I am now a facilitator, teaching with Aloha and presence.


I am greatly passionate about the energetics of the body. I use the Australian Bush Flowers as one of the tools in my tool box to support emotional and physical well-being. 


I believe in the complementary nature of all of the work that I do, offering a holistic and individual approach.