Lorin, founder of Hanai Wellness, is a certified

Hypnobirthing Educator, qualified Yoga and Pilates

teacher, KaHuna massage therapist, Australian Bush

Flower practitioner and holds a Bachelor of Health

Science in Naturopathy and Herbal Medicine.












The word 'Hanai' is a Hawaiian word meaning 'nourishing' or 'to nourish'. It may also be translated to mean, the welcoming of another into and becoming a part of your family. This word deeply resonates with Lorin as she is a connector, seeing her tribe and community as her true 'family'.  

From a very young age, Lorin had a great appreciation for natural health and healing, encouraged and educated by her mother who was an advocate for the body's ability to heal itself, given the required support and nurturing. 


Lorin's career in  health began with functional movement in 2009 when she embarked on a career as a personal trainer. With a desire to deepen her understanding of the body she completed her training to teach clinical Pilates in Sydney. After some years running her own business as a fitness educator, Lorin yearned to understand how to heal the body holistically. This enquiry sparked her relocation to the Gold Coast in 2011 to embark on Bachelor of Health Science degree to become a Naturopath.


The practice of Yoga has had a strong presence in Lorin's life for over 10 years. In 2015 Lorin sought her teacher, Yogrishi Vishvketu, in the Himlayan region of India, Rishikesh. Initially Lorin took an interest in yogic philosophy for her personal development, however her passion to share the gift of yoga developed to teaching the practice in its wholeness, and now, naturally she incorporates aspects into lifestyle guidance for her clients.


In 2018, Lorin became fascinated with the development of the subconscious mind, from conception and moved into the field of birth, hypnobirthing. As a qualified educator, Lorin aspires to prepare all birthing mothers and their companions for their desired calm and empowered births through delivering the Mongan Method (c), Hypnobirthing program.

In 2019, Lorin expanded upon her training as a Swedish massage therapist, embarking on the soul path journey of KaHuna bodywork, an elegant massage that originates from the polinesian Islands and Hawaii.

Lorin loves to work one on one with clients, facilitate retreats, run workshops and educate families in their own homes. 


In all her interactions, Lorin aims to give people the tools and encourage self empowerment, imperative for the success of each individuls health journey.